Fractional CFO Service

Seasoned Financial Leadership at Your Fingertips

It is our conviction that every business should have easy access to trusted financial guidance to grow their business.

Access high-level financial leadership without the cost of a full-time executive. Our fractional CFO service provides a highly experienced CFO for your business on a part-time or temporary basis. Whether you need help with overall financial strategy, risk management, or cash flow management, we’ve got you covered! Get strategic financial leadership and expertise to help your business make informed financial decisions and achieve your financial goals. It’s like having a CFO on standby whenever you need expert advice for your business success. We’ll treat your business as if it’s our own!

Our Fractional CFOs Offer:

Financial Strategy

Develop and implement financial strategies aligned with business’s goals and objectives.

Financial Planning and Analysis

Conduct in-depth financial analysis, forecasting, and budgeting to support decision-making and business planning.

Risk Management

Identify and manage financial risks that could impact the business’s stability and profitability.

Cash Flow Management

Monitor and manage cash flow to ensure the business has sufficient funds to operate effectively.

Financial Reporting

Provide accurate and timely financial reports to stakeholders, including executives, investors, and other relevant parties.

Cost Management

Implement cost-effective measures and optimize expenses to improve overall financial performance.

Strategic Advising

Offer strategic advice on financial matters, investments, and growth opportunities to help the business thrive.

Business Valuation

Assess the financial value of the business for various purposes, such as mergers, acquisitions, or fundraising.

Interim Financial Leadership

Serve as an interim CFO during periods of transition or when a business needs temporary financial leadership.

Our 3-Step Financial Empowerment Process

At Wisefi, we understand that every small business is unique, and so are its financial challenges. Our tailored approach is designed to empower small business owners to reach new heights of financial success.

Get to Know You and Your Business

We kick off our partnership by diving deep into your financial landscape. By reviewing your financial statements and engaging in open conversations about your goals, we identify strengths, pinpoint areas for improvement, and if you’re just starting, we assist in creating a solid plan with customized models for your financial adventure.

Craft Unique Plans to Fuel Growth

Let’s Team Up for Growth! We use what we learned in our assessment to create customized strategies that set your business on a path for lasting success. We don’t waste time – we offer quick, practical advice to boost financial performance, increase profitability, and strengthen your business foundation. 

Ongoing Support & Fine-Tuning

We believe in the power of ongoing collaboration. As your dedicated financial partner, we provide continuous support to help you implement the recommended changes effectively.  Regular check-ins, month end close support, and monthly forecasting ensure that your business is not only reaching its financial peak but surpassing it.

Trusted by small business owners


Second time using David for some tasks that I just did not have any time to complete myself – HIGHLY recommend and I will be using him again in the future.

– Kurtis Cummings, Owner of Switchyard Brewing

Custom Financial Modeling Client


David was an excellent resource. He is very knowledgeable and is a rare find. Was able to work through this project and met all deadlines. I plan on using him much more in the future.

– Vadim Leybel, Owner of Cast Capital Funding

Custom Financial Modeling Client

Fractional CFO Service

Why Choose Wisefi

With a dedicated financial expert by your side, you can experience a newfound ease in managing your business finances. No more drowning in spreadsheets and worrying about the numbers game. Our Fractional CFOs not only bring clarity to financial complexities but also provide tailored strategies that move your business towards sustainable growth. It’s all about trimming expenses, boosting cash flow, and uncovering new ways to bring in revenue, all of which we are experts at! Ready to experience ease in your business journey?

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The Wisefi Difference – All Wisefi Financial Experts are experienced mentors who understand the importance of empathy in our industry. Your best interest is ALWAYS top of mind to us.